Proof of Data Token

PDT is a token powering a data platform which enables decentralised data validation and rewards for those who provide this service.
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What is Proof of Data Token

One of the most important problems facing the crypto and the broader financial world is the proliferation of fake identities and claims, and the resulting difficulty of separating reputable players from the ones relying on fraud and impersonation. The Proof of Data Token (PDT) is a token powering a data platform which enables decentralised data validation and rewards for those who provide this service. Its is designed based on the understanding of identity and reputation are predictors of future behaviour.
Verified Data
Verified Data
Each set of data carries a validation score allowing the users of data (human or machine) to have a measurable score of the truthfulness of data which they are consuming.
The data is generated and validated through a decentralised mechanism involving rewards, staking and slashing by validators that have the highest specific domain and subject knowledge.
Intelligent Apps
Intelligent Apps
The verified data infrastructure creates the foundation for building intelligent applications on top of it, such as AI-powered discovery of potential investors when fundraising, oracles for hybrid smart contracts, and much more.



How It Works

Staking can be made to: (a) to receive rewards for providing accurate data (and slashing bad actors or bad data); (b) to validate companies and participate in equity and revenue sharing; (c) to send “cold” messages to strangers. Token holder can challenge incorrect data and successful challenges can lead to the amount staked on the incorrect data being “slashed” (taken away from the stakers) and distributed between the challenger and the data platform.


The first round purchaser tokens will vest monthly over 4 years, with 10% released on TGE. Of the governance and validator tokens earned, 25% will be released immediately with 12 month vesting and 6 month cliff on tokens earned.). The airdrop tokens will be unlocked by doing simple tasks on the platform. The other early-stage purchasers tokens will be locked within the platform for 60 days. The founders, team, advisers tokens will vest monthly over 4 years, with 5% release on TGE.

Road map

Q4 2021

Private launch

Q1 2022

Mint token and test data validation staking (beta)

Q2 2022

Release supporting smart contracts for data validation on testnet

Q3 2022

Improve UI/UX and port smart contracts from BSC to PDC

Q4 2022

Verification and staking on PDC mainnet


  • Yasin Sliti
    Yasin Sliti,
    (Goldman Sachs, State Street Bank)
  • Max Atanasov
    Max Atanasov, CEO
    (European Bank, OCSiAl SA)
  • Moe Sayadi
    Moe Sayadi, CTO
    (Microsoft, T-Mobile, Celsius Pro)
  • Kevin Lally
    Kevin Lally
    (Soaflow & Switzerland Global Enterprise)
  • Eleonore Laubier
    Eleonore Laubier
    (Accenture Interactive and Publicis Groupe)
  • Jean-Philippe Lechat
    Jean-Philippe Lechat